Lions reportedly top NFL in number of arrests


This post will have both good news and bad news for the Detroit Lions football club.

First, the good: No player has been arrested in the past 12 days.

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The bad? The Lions have accounted for five of the 21 player arrests and citations this year, good for 24 percent of the overall total.

(Waiting for Jim Schwartz to get back from the long walk he just took with his dog after reading that ...)


Defensive tackle Nick Fairley and running back Mikel Leshoure have been taken into police custody twice each. Offensive lineman Johnny Culbreath has also been arrested and processed.

The Detroit Free Press cited Thursday U-T San Diego's comprehensive study of NFL player arrests and citations since 2000. The Free Press included a poll asking Lions fans their feeling on the team's "bad-boy behavior" this offseason.

As of this posting, "Who cares as long as they win?" was edging "It's embarrassing. I can't root for those guys."

"I prefer to have my football players be a little dangerous!" was lagging in third place. I think we can all agree that's a good thing for the city of Detroit.