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Lauren Tannehill won't appear in 'Maxim' -- for now


As it stands, we'll never know what a Google search for "Lauren Tannehill and Maxim" could have meant for this proud nation.

Lauren Tannehill gained a few fans of her own with her photoshoot.
Lauren Tannehill gained a few fans of her own with her photoshoot. (Roger Snider/Special to

The wife of Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill generated just a little bit of buzz after photos from her recent modeling shoot went viral

Dressed in Miami's team colors and clutching piles of Florida oranges, Lauren's handiwork with photographer Roger Snider was rumored to be headed for the pages of Maxim.

Tannehill's talent agency, Page.713, pumped the brakes on those reports this week.

"That was a spec shoot designed to be sent out and Maxim was one of the options," agency manager Erik Bechtol told the Bryan-College Station Eagle on Monday. "A lot of blogs have reported that it was for Maxim and that is not accurate as of now."

Lauren's fledgling modeling career aside, we're not sure the final resting place of these photos matters. Maxim or not, she's a lock for mezzanine-level stardom without exerting much effort. Besides, with HBO's "Hard Knocks" set to focus its lens on the Dolphins this summer, bank on it: This won't be the last we hear from our friend, Mrs. Tannehill.


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