Martellus Bennett weighs in at whopping 291 pounds


When thinking about names for our "Under Pressure" post on the New York Giants, tight end Martellus Bennett popped up.

After four disappointing seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, Bennett was a big free-agent signing for New York. He's expected to step right in as a starting tight end to replace Jake Ballard, who tore his ACL in the Super Bowl.

This will probably not come as a surprise to Cowboys fans, but Bennett isn't living up to expectations in the offseason. Listed at 265 pounds, Bennett weighed in at 291 pounds to start OTAs, according to

"That's probably a little too big for his legs to carry," tight ends coach Mike Pope said.

Two hundred and ninety one pounds is enough to play guard or tackle. The Giants want Bennett to be a receiving threat. Instead, he's hurt his hamstring after putting on all the weight.

"We run a lot more than he might have been accustomed to," Pope said.

Running more sounds like a good idea.