Who was the better QB: Johnny Utah or Shane Falco?

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Keanu Reeves' two fictional quarterbacks stage a duel in the latest Gridiron Breakdown.


One of the most hotly debated subjects in the list of best fictional quarterbacks is who was better, Johnny Utah or Shane Falco. It's a debate that has divided Ohio State enthusiasts.

In an effort to "show my work," I've decided to take this to the grid as we break down the debate of which Keanu Reeves fictional quarterback was better.

Person: Johnny Utah Shane Falco Give it to ...
AKA: Quarterback punk Footsteps Utah. I'm struggling to remember if Utah has a nickname other than Angelo calling him a quarterback punk. But let's be honest, anything is better than "Footsteps."
Position: Quarterback Quarterback Push
Alma mater: Ohio State Ohio State Push
Higher education: Law school Unknown Utah
Throws: Left Left Push
Jersey number: 9 16 Push. In case you're wondering how we know Utah's number, Grommet remembers Utah as No. 9 during the beach football game.
Bowl game: Wins the Rose Bowl Loses the Sugar Bowl Utah. The winner of the Big Ten goes to the Rose Bowl. If Falco took the Buckeyes to the Sugar Bowl, it means his team lost the Big Ten championship there was no BCS title games when the movies took place. Of course, if say Ohio State and Minnesota didn't play and both went undefeated, the Gophers would get the nod under conference rules, meaning an undefeated Buckeyes team could have been playing for the national title. But Utah won his bowl game, Falco did not.
Devastating occurrence in bowl game: His knee was folded back about 90 degrees the wrong way Five interceptions Utah. He went out like a hero.
How does he perform under pressure: He's a champ Eeh Utah
What are they doing now? Recently retired FBI agent, owns surf shop Quarterback Washington Sentinels Falco. I would assume Falco sticks with the club after the strike ends, right?
Biggest accomplishment: Took down the Ex-Presidents Beat Dallas Utah
Guy who yells at him all the time: Ben Harp Coach McGinty Falco
Nemesis: Bodhi Eddie Martel Utah
How do they take to water: Surfing Cleaning barnacles off boats Utah
Love interest: Tyler Annabelle Farrell Falco
What will he do for love: Jump out of an airplane without a parachute Show up at halftime for a football game Utah
Arrested for: Robbing a bank Participating in a bar fight Falco. Hey, nobody was seriously injured in the Sentinels' brawl.
Chicks dig: Guys who surf Scars Falco


Time to bench Utah in this blowout, we don't want him to injure himself again.

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