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Giants' Tom Coughlin not considering Plaxico Burress


It didn't take long for a few folks in New York to connect the dots and ask the question: Could Hakeem Nicks' foot injury possibly open the door for wide receiver Plaxico Burress to return to the Giants?

Coach Tom Coughlin's response was to shake his head and mouth the word "no."

Burress might wind up getting a job, but it won't be with the Giants. Coughlin has another idea for how to fill in for Nicks while he recovers.

"We're looking for the next Victor Cruz," Coughlin said.

Some candidates on the roster: Second-round draft pick Reuben Randle, Ramses Barden and Jernal Jernigan.  Collins, Dan DePalma and Julian Talley are some of the long shots on the Giants' roster. Coughlin also knows that Nicks might not miss any regular season time anyhow.

Nicks' recovery is expected to take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks, which could have him ready just before Week 1. Nicks already is speaking optimistically, telling Coughlin he'll do everything possible to be back for the start of training camp.

Players often overestimate their ability to rehab quickly, so Nicks' words don't mean much. Coughlin's words do matter. He's not bringing Burress back, and he's confident he has the receiver depth to withstand Nicks' injury. We agree.


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