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Lions' Nick Fairley not in danger of losing roster spot


Defensive tackle Nick Fairley tested the patience of the Detroit Lions organization twice in a two-month span for driving and substance-abuse related offenses. That won't be enough to cost Fairley his job.

The Detroit Free Press notes that "of course" the Lions won't release Fairley despite some fans wanting it to happen. This should probably go without saying, but it's a slow Memorial Day weekend so we're going to say it.

Fairley is too vital a member of their team's future. While his two arrests have been regrettable and might be fireable offenses at most jobs, it usually takes a lot more for a team to give up on a first round pick.

The Lions' second-round pick last year, running back Mikel LeShoure, has also had multiple marijuana-related offenses this offseason. The two young players have quickly used up a lot of rope from the Lions and the organization.

It may not exactly be three strikes and you're out, but any further infractions from Fairley should have serious consequences.


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