Ex-NFL QB Jeff Garcia wants to play for Eagles again

At age 42, Jeff Garcia says he's not done playing quarterback. After spending 2006 and 2009 with the Philadelphia Eagles, he's lobbying the organization for another chance to make the roster.

"Philly's the team my wife will let me go back and play for," Garcia told WIP-FM, via Philly.com. "She's the only one that will approve the move, so to speak. Our experience there in Philadelphia in 2006 was just, for me as a player, one of the best experiences that I've had."

Garcia is dreaming in public here. The Eagles don't need another quarterback behind Michael Vick. Reserves Mike Kafka, Trent Edwards and rookie Nick Foles are in the mix, and we hear Kafka is a sure bet to win the backup job.

The Houston Texans turned heads when they signed Garcia late last season (after roughly 19 quarterbacks were mowed down), but he was deep emergency relief bordering on player-coach.

"Could I step into a game? I don't know," said Garcia, who hasn't thrown a pass in the NFL since 2008. "... I can be that person who can continue to motivate and inspire and help teach and educate, and if given the opportunity to step on the field, I'm gonna give everything I have to find success, no matter how it happens."

Jeff Garcia is determined for another chance. It's a long shot, but Andy Reid knows who to call in a pinch. If the phone stays silent, there's always the USFL.