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Packers thinking about retiring Brett Favre's number


The breakup between Brett Favre and the Packers was ugly, like most high-profile breakups. The team, secure in the knowledge that it made the right choice to let Favre go, hopes that a little time heals all wounds.

Packers president Mark Murphy told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Thursday that the team plans to retire Brett Favre's number in a year or two, when it is meaningful to Favre. (Translation: When the emotions have subsided some. And when we're absolutely sure Favre isn't going to play again.)

Favre is unquestionably one of the top Packers of all time, but even a year or two sounds soon considering how raw the feelings were between Favre and the Ted Thompson regime in Green Bay. Then again, Thompson's contract doesn't run out for a while. Aaron Rodgers isn't going anywhere.

The sooner Favre can transition into beloved ex-Packer, the happier everyone in Green Bay will be. That transition is inevitable, no matter how rough that post-Packers period was for Favre. The fans will embrace him again.

It's probably up to Favre when he wants to embrace the Packers organization again.


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