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Ed Reed quickly backs off initial hint at retirement


Ed Reed told Sirius XM NFL Radio on Thursday that he wasn't "100 percent committed" to playing football in 2012. Just hours later, he started to do what comes naturally: backpedal.

"It's not about retirement, it's about my focus in the offseason, health, family and football," Reed told the Carroll County Times. "This is the time of year where players think through things. My goal is to play football in the years to come."

Hmm. Reed has talked openly about retirement for years, only to keep playing. He told Sirius that he was in "deep thought" about whether he'd go to the team's upcoming mandatory minicamp.

We suspect Reed was just thinking out loud about his conflicted feelings when it comes to training for football in May. These are not unique feelings among longtime NFL veterans. We also know Reed wants a new contract, because he's said so publicly this offseason. That plays into his lack of focus. More money might help him focus more.

Ultimately, Reed's goal is to continue to play. Reed didn't become one of the greatest safeties of all time by not reaching his goals. His words will be long forgotten by the time Week 1 rolls around.

And then he'll probably threaten to retire next May once again.


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