Gridiron Breakdown: Robert Griffin III vs. Hulk

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Robert Griffin III takes on his hero, the Hulk -- the latest Gridiron Breakdown.


This weekend saw two impressive debuts from "The Avengers," which established record ticket sales and Robert Griffin III for the Redskins. Although RG3 likely didn't make it out to the movie theater, you know, with the demands of being the starting quarterback of the Redskins and all. And that's a shame, too, considering RG3 is an admitted huge fan of the Hulk.

But who is the more impressive of the two, the Hulk or RG3? We will put the quarterback up against his hero as we take them to the grid to break this down.

And without further ado …

Person: Bruce Banner Robert Griffin, III Give it to ...
AKA: Hulk RG3 Hulk. Enough with the lazy nicknames. At least add an Esquire to the end or something to the uninspired use of initials as a nickname. I blame texting for this.
From: Dayton, Ohio Okinawa Prefecture, Japan Push
Profession: Scientist Quarterback Push
Standing with the law: On the run Lawyer RG3
Red nemesis:
Dr. 'Thunderbolt' Ross … aka Red Hulk

Mike Shanahan … aka Red Face

Team: The Avengers Redskins Hulk. The Avengers have as many Super Bowl wins over the last 20 years as the Redskins, and they have a Hulk.
Fan base: Comic book geeks the Hogettes Push. I was set to make fun of the Hogettes but then I noticed I still had my sticker from Free Comic Book Day on my hoodie.
What kind of teammate is he: Loose cannon Leader RG3
How does he perform under pressure: Unmatched strength Cool Push, but we need to have one more look.
Downside: Hulk is dumb RG3 is smart RG3. That's right, as brilliant as Banner is; he loses his mind as the Hulk.
Catchphrase: "Hulk smash!" Does he have one? Hulk. Even if RG3 had a catchphrase, hard to imagine it tops "Hulk smash!" Although, RG3 does have the gift of gab as you can tell by this anecdote about eating a burrito with Kirk Cousins.
How does he rock the green: Green skin of the Hulk Baylor's uniform is green Hulk
Fashion statement: Torn threads Cool socks Hulk. Love the socks. But we ding RG3 here because of the Baylor uniforms. The Hulk has torn clothes (which still manages to fit before and after), but Baylor had these ridiculous 'torn' look built into its uniforms. Boo!
Product endorsement: Hulk smash hands Subway Hulk. I'll throw down a Subway sandwich as much as the next guy, but the sandwich statue was a bit much.
Impressive physical performance: Leaps five to 10 miles per jump 4.41 in the 40-yard dash RG3. Hulk's combine score would be impressive, but how would he get two feet down jumping that far?
Stole the show in: "The Avengers" 2011 NCAA season RG3. Both are impressive, but RG3 took the Heisman from the preordained favorite, Andy Luck. I doubt Hulk wins the Oscar for his performance. But Robert Downey Jr. warrants consideration.
Reviews Rotten Tomatoes gave "The Avengers" a 93 (with 96 percent of movie-goers saying they loved it). D.C. columnist says RGIII is the best Washington QB since Sonny Jurgenson Push


The winning for The Avengers keeps rolling as Hulk takes out RG3, 7-5.

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