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D.C. columnist: RG3 best Redskins QB since Jurgensen


We caught Robert Griffin III fever sometime around the NFL Scouting Combine, when we wrote ridiculous things like how Griffin "won" a press conference. The Baylor product inspires irrational excitement and immediate devotion from most that run across him.

This is especially true in Washington D.C. The RG3 love affair is in full bloom. Mike Shanahan already has made Griffin the starter. Period. There are articles written about the burritos Griffin eats and the socks he wears.

Even the sports columnists in town are losing all perspective. Take away, Rick Snider of the Washington Examiner:

"It didn't take long to figure this out: Robert Griffin III will be the Washington Redskins' best quarterback since Sonny Jurgensen," Snider writes.

Yep, that's the intro to his column on Monday morning. Griffin hasn't faced a single blitz or a live tackling drill. He hasn't even played against a veteran NFL player in practice. But he's already getting placed ahead of Joe Theismann, Billy Kilmer, Doug Williams and, uh, Rex Grossman.

Shanahan said the Redskins "can do some things that people haven’t done" with Griffin behind center. He noted RG3 had a cleaner minicamp than any rookie QB he's ever seen.

These are Griffin's expectations: Be the best Redskins QB in 40 years and break the boundaries of NFL football. We can't wait.