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College DCs: Cleveland Browns QB Weeden's poise an issue

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One way to knock Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden off his game is to collapse the pocket, said two college defensive coordinators who beat the former Oklahoma State star, according to The Plain Dealer.

"He got quick feet. He got nervous," Iowa State defensive coordinator Wally Berman said of Weeden's tendency facing a pass rush.

Berman's defense didn't shut down Weeden this past season, but the Cyclones did hand the Cowboys their only loss. Weeden threw for 476 yards with three touchdowns and three interceptions against Iowa State.

"We didn't fear his running like we did (Robert Griffin III) or even (Ryan) Tannehill," he said of two of the three QBs taken ahead of Weeden in the NFL draft. All three played in the Big 12.

"Because he's so accurate, it was hard to defense everything he did," Berman added.

Although many evaluators think Weeden has the right skills to make it in a pro-style offense, the quarterback has to adapt after playing in Oklahoma State's shotgun-heavy, quick-pass system.

The offensive setup made it difficult to get pressure on Weeden, said former Oklahoma defensive coordinator Brent Venables, now at Clemson.

"The challenge in the NFL will be when the pocket's collapsing," Venables said.



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