Jerel Worthy: I take plays off, just like everyone else


Give Jerel Worthy credit for this: The man is honest.

The Green Bay Packers selected the massive defensive tackle in the second round of last week's NFL draft, this despite concerns Worthy's effort level wasn't always up to par at Michigan State.

Worthy essentially admitted as much Tuesday.

"The film speaks for itself," Worthy said, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "People criticize and say I may take a play off here or there; there's nobody in the NFL game today or college or all the way down to pee-wee who plays every play full speed, full-go without getting tired. It's impossible."

(Cut to a trembling Ray Lewis, steam billowing from his ears ...).

"All I can say is I'm going to come in and try to continue to work to be a lot more consistent, and I'm going to be a lot more consistent," Worthy said. "That's going to be my goal. The plays that showed up in the highlight tape, that's the same plays that I'm going to transfer up to the NFL and do it on a consistent basis."

The Packers couldn't have been too concerned by Worthy's faulty motor. The traded their second- (No. 59 overall) and fourth-round picks (No. 123) to the Philadelphia Eagles to grab him at No. 51.