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Morris Claiborne wants to play on both sides of ball


The last time the Dallas Cowboys had a two-way player, Deion Sanders was starring at cornerback and moonlighting as a wide receiver during the Clinton administration.

Now the newest Cowboys cornerback is hoping he'll have his chance to do the same thing.

"I would love to be a two-way player," Morris Claiborne told ESPN Radio in Dallas on Tuesday. "If they gave me that chance to be able to go both sides of the ball, I'll love it and I won't turn it down. I get in and give it 100 percent."

Claiborne is looking forward to working alongside wide receivers Miles Austin and Dez Bryant.

"I'm very excited to get right in and get around those guys," he said. "Try to learn as much as I can learn from the receiver standpoint to the cornerback standpoint, and both of those guys are great, big receivers, and I'm looking forward to getting some work in with them so they can make me better."

Claiborne wouldn't be playing wide receiver on a lark. He was a star wideout in high school and began his career at LSU doing alternating practices at cornerback and wide receiver. Former Tigers teammate and current Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson implored Claiborne to stick to defense. When Claiborne thrived at the position in practice, LSU coach Les Miles decided to keep him there.

Claiborne might have the tools to make plays on offense, but it seems like an unnecessary risk to send your top cornerback -- which he projects to be -- on the field for some added punishment. Darrelle Revis might be able to run for 1,500 yards; that doesn't mean the New York Jets will give him 250 carries.