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Draft pick thought Roethlisberger was travel secretary


It didn't take long for Ben Roethlisberger to find a topic for his rookie hazing of first-round pick David DeCastro.

When the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback called DeCastro to welcome him to the team, the guard believed Roethlisberger was a Steelers official calling to set up travel plans.

"He was saying, 'Did you get those flight plans? Did you get those flight plans?' " Roethlisberger said at a speaking engagement in Blair County, Penn., according to the Altoona Mirror.

After a few seconds, DeCastro realized he was talking to the man he'll be paid handsomely to protect. But the damage was already done.

"I can't wait once we get started to get on him about that," Roethlisberger joked.

Later, DeCastro mistook James Harrison for a deceased Mesoamerican soothsayer. This is not true.


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