Jets cursed out Seahawks for drafting Bruce Irvin


The Mel Kipers of the world thought the Seattle Seahawks reached when they took pass rusher Bruce Irvin in the first round. The Rex Ryans of the world thought it was a great pick. We'll trust the Ryans on this one.

After they took Irvin 15th overall, the Seahawks received a call from New York Jets headquarters. The Jets "good-naturedly" cursed at the Seahawks for taking the guy they planned to draft one pick later, according Len Pasquarelli of the SportsXchange. Irvin also was believed to be on the short list of candidates to be drafted in Chicago, Green Bay and San Francisco. One general manager called Irvin the "hottest player in the draft."

This is a case in which the draftnik industrial complex disagreed and didn't see a player's value the same way as the NFL did. This also happened with New England Patriots second-round pick Tavon Wilson. (And we know how Bill Belichick feels about that.)

Irvin might boom and he might bust, but don't tell us that he was a "reach." No one knows.