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Minnesota Vikings are early winners on NFL draft day


Time will tell whether or not the Cleveland Browns made a wise decision by trading up one draft spot with the Minnesota Vikings to No. 3, presumably for running back Trent Richardson.

We don't need to wait at all to declare the Vikings the early winners on draft night. General manager Rick Spielman made it obvious all month that he wanted to move back from No. 3 to get more picks. He was successful.

The Vikings received the Browns' No. 4 pick and fourth-, fifth-, and seventh-round selections to move back one spot. They might try to move back again.

A report surfaced this morning that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wanted to move up to No. 3 because they wanted Richardson. We'd be surprised if that report didn't originate from Vikings camp. It worked.

The Browns knew the Vikings weren't going to take Richardson, yet they felt panicked pressured enough to move up and prevent another team from trying to do the same.

Only the Vikings know if the whole thing was a smokescreen. Whatever the Vikings did, it worked.