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RG3 meat sculpture a study in culinary terror


As you might or might not have known, Robert Griffin III recently signed an endorsement deal with Subway. We imagine this was a lucrative financial coup for the future Washington Redskin.

Who's hungry? Who's frightened? Who's buying?
Who's hungry? Who's frightened? Who's buying? (Diane Bondareff/Associated Press)

But did RG3 realize when he signed the dotted line that Subway would use this relationship to spawn a ghastly monstrosity of unspeakable horror?

The picture to the right is a sculpture of RG3 made entirely of Subway's "Smokehouse BBQ Chicken" sandwich. The likeness -- standing over three-feet high and made up of 30 (30!) pounds of meat -- was unveiled on Tuesday at a midtown Manhattan Subway location.

"It's a bit crazy, but the smokehouse barbecue chicken statue is pretty cool," Griffin told USA Today. "We like to call it RG3 1/2."

We like to think the RG3 1/2 will one day cease to be the main antagonist of our night terrors ... but life offers no such guarantees.

(I think it just winked.)


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