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Kirby Wilson returns to Pittsburgh Steelers after fire


Pittsburgh Steelers coaches and players won't have to look far for inspiration for battling through tough times this season.

Running backs coach Kirby Wilson has returned to work for the first time since he suffered life-threatening burns in a January fire.

"I really want to make note of Kirby Wilson showing up and getting back in the mix, at full speed, with his preparation," Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert said during Monday's pre-draft news conference. "It was really inspiring to have him back in the fold."

It sounded like Wilson is working on a modified work schedule, doing some of his evaluations of prospects from home on the laptop. We knew Wilson had visited the team again earlier this month, but we didn't know he was back to work so soon. He recently has been able to drive again.

The return to work is a sign Wilson will make it all the way back from his burns. We wish him all the best in his continued recovery.


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