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Jaguars WR Lee Evans sees improvement in Mike Mularkey

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Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Lee Evans thinks coach Mike Mularkey is better prepared to succeed in Jacksonville than he was when he led the Buffalo Bills.

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"When we sat down and talked, he was candid about going through it the first time in Buffalo," said the 31-year-old receiver, who recently signed with Jacksonville as a free agent, in comments to the Jaguars' official website. "I think he has been able to learn from that, so coming into this time he's a lot better at (being a head coach)."

Mularkey resigned as head coach of the Buffalo Bills after two seasons (2004-'05), compiling a 14-18 record. He was the Atlanta Falcons' offensive coordinator for the past four seasons.

Evans, who spent his first two years in the league playing for Mularkey when he coached Buffalo, signed a one-year deal with Jacksonville earlier this month after spending last season with the Baltimore Ravens.

"He knows more what to expect and I think that's a big part of it," Evans added. "The coaches and guys he has around him are a big part of it as well, and I think this staff is very, very good."

Evans played in nine games with the Ravens last year and caught only four passes for 74 yards.



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