Polian: Trent Richardson could be draft's top player

Were Bill Polian still calling the shots for the Indianapolis Colts, Andrew Luck would still be a Colt come April 26.

Given the franchise's precise need -- replacing a first-ballot Hall of Fame quarterback -- this makes sense. But that doesn't mean Polian -- now an analyst for ESPN -- believes Luck is necessarily the best talent on the board.

"The two quarterbacks, (Luck and Baylor’s Robert Griffin III) -- because the nature of the position -- followed by Trent Richardson -- because he is such a dynamic player -- sort of set themselves apart,” Polian said Friday, according to the Akron Beacon Journal.

"(Richardson) might be the best player in the draft. You could argue that. He has very few flaws. And even as nit-picky as we get at this time of the year, there’s very little to dislike about him or even very few nits to pick."

Running backs don't have the same cache come draft day as they once did, but Richardson might represent the kind of can't-miss prospect teams will fight to wear their cap next Thursday.