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Mike Mayock offers six boom-or-bust prospects


We're still mining through the gems from NFL Network draft expert Mike Mayock's Thursday conference call with reporters.

Things we know: Mayock doesn't view Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill as a top-10 talent, he doesn't see Justin Blackmon as a fit for the Cleveland Browns and he believes Robert Griffin III will outshine Andrew Luck early in their careers.

With that out of the way, more than a few scribes asked for Mayock's boom-or-bust players. He offered six:

1. Tannehill: "In the first round, boom-or-bust kind of guys, Tannehill the quarterback," Mayock said. "He's a boom-or-bust, franchise guy, but you've only seen 19 starts."

2. Ohio State OT Mike Adams: "I would say that a couple of the tackles ... significant upside. Don't see much consistency."

3. Stanford OT Jonathan Martin: (Sorry, Jonathan, your name was dropped in the lukewarm review above.)

4. Georgia Tech WR Stephen Hill: "The wide receiver from Georgia Tech. Now -- does he have upside -- but you're betting a lot on his athletic ability and not a whole lot on college production."

5. North Carolina DE Quinton Coples: "He could be an All-Pro but has bust potential written all over him."

6. Memphis DT Dontari Poe: "All-Pro, but ... his college (career was) average. Even though he's got a great motor and he's a physical freak."

There you go.

We dare challenge the draft guru, but let us know: Did Mayock nail this list?