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Old Colts stars not walking through that door


Colts fans: Be happy you got Reggie Wayne back. All of those other Colts stars that your team released will not be walking through that door.

Many of the deposed Colts are still available. Running back Joseph Addai, tight end Dallas Clark, linebacker Gary Brackett and safety Melvin Bullitt are among the former Colts who remain free agents. New GM Ryan Grigson was asked if the team might bring some back at a reduced price.

"I told them you never know what the future holds,'' Grigson said Wednesday. "At some point, maybe you revisit it. For the time being, we're confident with the decisions we made at the time. We still are and we're moving forward.''

Translation: We'd only consider signing those guys if we're really desperate.

It's a reminder how quickly careers can change in the NFL. Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports wrote this week that Clark may be "done" as a pro. 

The Colts started working out at their new practice facility this week, and it's clear this organization is looking for a completely fresh start.


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