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Randy Moss' absence from workouts OK'd by 49ers


Randy Moss has burned his share of bridges during his turbulent NFL career, but that hasn't stopped him from receiving the royal veteran treatment from the San Francisco 49ers.

Moss isn't participating in the team's voluntary workouts this week, something that was planned during the negotiation phase of the one-year deal the 35-year-old signed in March.

"Randy and I talked when he was here and when we signed him about exactly what the offseason was going to look like," 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said Wednesday, according to Comcast SportsNet Bay Area. "We detailed it out. I know exactly when Randy is going to be here. He knows exactly when he's going to be here. He'll be here in 12 days from now. He'll be here on April 30."

Moss' delayed arrival is somewhat surprising, considering he last played in an NFL game on Jan. 2, 2011. In other words, the man undoubtedly is rusty. But Moss always has worked under his own authority, and perhaps this is a case of the 49ers going with the current in deference to the big picture.

"We all knew that going in and agreed to it. I suggested it, even," Harbaugh said. "He's got family back there in West Virginia, and kids to take care of, and I understand that. He can work out there just as easy as he can work out here over these two weeks. He'll be here for the football schools and meetings and on-the-field work."

If nothing else, this provides us a slightly larger window for the return of "Moss TV." Dear Internet gods, we don't ask for much.