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Kyle Boller is the NFL


Kyle Boller is the NFL. He's draft hype, famously fueled after throwing a football through the uprights from his knees from the 50-yard line.

He's a "franchise quarterback," all the hopes and dreams of a fan base wrapped up into one person. He's inevitably a disappointment, a lightning rod, a punching bag for talk radio, the guy that gets blamed for the team's struggles in the playoffs. He's an injured shoulder, season-ending surgery, a free agent that no one particularly wants. 

Boller became a journeyman, a "professional" quarterback that bounced around from St. Louis to Oakland, barely keeping his career because it beats any other job.

Finally, Kyle Boller is a tryout guy. Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reported that Boller will work out for the Ravens on Thursday, along with former Steelers quarterback Dennis Dixon. Boller is hoping to catch on as a No. 3 quarterback in the town that originally drafted him in 2003. 

The only remarkable thing about Boller's career arc is how unremarkable it is. Every NFL player enters the league with a dream of dominating. Boller's path is the one more players take, if they are lucky.

This is the circle of NFL life.


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