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Miami Dolphins 2012 NFL Schedule Analysis

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Inside the 2012 Schedule

Reggie Bush gets to prove he's for real out of the gate against two teams with pretty good rush defenses (Houston, New York Jets). But overall, Miami's schedule is pretty favorable. The Dolphins could surprise and be 4-2 at the bye despite not being as good on paper as they were in 2011.
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3 Key Moments
Week 11 at Bills
This first matchup tells Miami if it's just looking up at the Jets and Patriots, or the Jets, Patriots and Bills. It's a mental blow to find out you're the worst team in your division.
Week 14 at 49ers
Even after his breakout season, there are still Reggie Bush doubters. They all go away and he'll be viewed as a franchise player if he dominates against the best rush defense in football.
Week 15 vs. Jaguars
If the Dolphins somehow lose, this game will tell them they're the worst team in Florida and on track to draft Matt Barkley. Double the anguish if the loss comes at the hands of ex-Fins QB Chad Henne, although losing to Blaine Gabbert isn't much fun either.




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