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Greg Schiano stresses details at first Bucs practice


Lost among all the schedule excitement Tuesday: A few NFL teams returned to the field. To practice actual football. This is worthy of celebration.

(Perhaps not worthy of a three hour primetime show, but a celebration nonetheless.)

New Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano might be the most excited guy in the country about this development. He attacked his first practice like the Bucs were in the middle of two-a-days in August.

"It is a game of details and it starts here!" Schiano bellowed at his players, according to Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times.

Schiano then yelled at the players for not having their toes on the line for warmups: "Football is a game of details. Toes on the edge. Toes on the edge."

The reporters in attendance said there was no walking between drills. There was lots of hustle. While Jeff Fisher planned to ease in his troops in St. Louis, Schiano wanted to go full speed. In April.

We're not sure this college-like approach works that well at the NFL, but it will be fun to watch whether this undisciplined Bucs team can toe Schiano's line.


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