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Panthers' Cam Newton: Madden cover 'what you make of it'

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Despite a lengthy list of players who have suffered injuries or have endured disappointing seasons the year in which they've appeared on the cover of EA Sports' Madden video game, there aren't many players who publicly say they'd rather not be the cover boy for one of the country's most popular video games.

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There currently are four remaining candidates for the cover of Madden 2013 -- Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Detroit Lions wideout Calvin Johnson -- and Newton doesn't appear to be concerned about possibly winning the cover spot, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Newton told the Observer last week, fan voting ends Wednesday, being on the cover was "what you make of it."

“Of course, it would be a big goal for me –- if I'm on it or I'm not, just being mentioned,” Newton added. “I always grew up playing video games and playing Madden football. So that's an accolade in itself. Just having your name mentioned in the voting, I'm happy with that.”

Newton faces Willis in the semifinals and could face the winner of the Rodgers-Johnson match in the finals. The Lions, much like Newton, aren't worried about the cover jinxing Johnson. Wideout Nate Burleson told the Detroit Free Press on Tuesday that he's going to vote for Johnson.

"If any guy can break the curse it's Calvin," Burleson said. "This dude is a monster. He's strong enough to break tackles, he can break a curse."



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