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John Harbaugh recruiting possible undrafted FAs via text


In recent years the competition for undrafted free agents has grown more intense, and the wooing of potential undrafted free agents has already begun.

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Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh has been texting such possible possible candidates, according to league sources. Harbaugh's text explains the players' names have come up in draft meetings, how the Ravens would like to find a way to bring them in, and telling the players to feel free to call him with any questions or feedback.

The Philadelphia Eagles began sending letters to borderline draftable players about a year ago, laying the foundation for signing them after the draft.

The letters detailed Philly's interest in a player, and their intention to contact said player after the draft if he is not selected. The Indianapolis Colts, with rookie general manager Ryan Grigson having just left the Eagles a few months ago, have begun the process of sending letters to likely UFAs this year.

The Ravens have taken the recruitment of future players one step further with the sending of text messages. In the modern age, with more modes of communication than ever, all the best to take advantage of them.

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