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Five teams we don't want to see too much of


With NFL Network's expanded Thursday Night package, we're guaranteed to see every team in prime time in 2012. This is a good thing.

Football is the sport we know the least about as fans, in part because it's impossible to watch every game. Teams play once a week, and every Sunday roughly half the league plays at the same time. As a writer, I want more teams in prime time because it's easier to really focus on those games and learn about those teams.

With that said, not every team is created equal. There are teams I don't want to see too often. I'm as excited about the schedule release as anyone, but every fan has a handful of teams they don't want to watch much. Here's mine:

1. Jacksonville Jaguars: Mike Mularkey just doesn't seem like the guy to make this offense more watchable.  Prove me wrong, Blaine Gabbert.

2. Cleveland Browns:  Sorry, Sessler. My ATL comrade is a fan, but the Browns continue to miss out on every quarterback they go after. More of the same from the Browns' offense is not appetizing.

3. Seattle Seahawks: My wife suggested this one. "Most teams have something memorable. They are just one of those teams you think, "Ugh, it's the Seahawks."

(I actually like watching Seattle. Good, young defense. Pete Carroll could always do something crazy. But I've learned it's better not to argue on these matters.)

4. Atlanta Falcons: This one isn't really fair, but this entire list isn't fair. The Falcons are vanilla ice cream. A grilled cheese sandwich. They perform well, but it's hard to get excited about them.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Adding Greg Schiano's conservative approach to a roster lacking in talent will not be a good recipe for entertainment.

Off the list

If I made this list in any other year, the Redskins would be on top. No team had a higher ratio of prime time games: wins over the last decade. They get ratings, but always play a blah brand of football.

I can't wait to watch the Redskins play this year. That's the power of Robert Griffin III.


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