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With Tim Tebow, Jets will be like 'two different teams'


Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez have very different styles as quarterbacks. So how are the Jets going to integrate Tebow into the mix with Sanchez clearly the starter for now?

According to Jets guard/team spokesman Matt Slauson, the Jets will essentially create a separate offense for Tebow.

"It's like we're going to be two separate teams, but as far as I know, Mark (Sanchez) is still going to be our guy," Slauson said at a charity event Monday night via

The Jets reportedly plan to use Tebow as a regular quarterback, Wildcat quarterback, fullback, H-back, tailback, "personal punt protector," billboard model, and team chaplain. (Note: Two items on that list aren't true.) No matter who is at quarterback, we expect to see a lot of running plays.

"You guys will be really surprised by what Mark's going to do this year," Slauson said. "The way we're going to be running things plays right into Mark's strengths, running the ball. It'll be very similar to what we did in Rex's first two years, very much a style like that -- heavy run, heavy play action and whipping out a deep ball every now and again. That's all the stuff Mark does really well."

To review: Sanchez hands the ball off really well. Perhaps he'll hand it off to Tebow more than expected.


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