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Oh Captain, my captain: Santonio doesn't change


It's like the 2011 season never happened for Santonio Holmes. He has no regrets. "Why Should I?" could become his calling card like "For who, for what?" became associated with Ricky Waters.

Rex Ryan stood his ground Monday and continues to refuse to name captains for the 2012 season. That's in large part because he named Holmes a captain last year and it blew up in Ryan's face. Undeterred, Holmes has named himself captain.

Witness the shirt Holmes wore on Monday and sent out to all his Twitter followers.

The passive aggressive war between Holmes and the media ramped up on Monday.  Some sample headlines from the New York Post alone:

"Holmes still tone deaf"

"Selfish Jets captain tries to move on"

"Jets captain hasn't learned a thing

Mark Cannizzaro writes: "Santonio Holmes spoke publicly yesterday for the first time since he was sent — like a misbehaving child to his room for a “timeout’’ by his parents. . . . (Holmes) simply doesn’t get it and seemingly never has."

And it's only April. This is going to be a fun year in New York.


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