Kolb was worried about 'severe' concussion effects

Most of the headlines from Kevin Kolb's Monday media session will be about his reaction to the Cardinals' failed pursuit of Peyton Manning. We found his comments regarding his post-concussion symptoms suffered after the 2011 season even more newsworthy.

Kolb missed the final three games of the season following a concussion, and it was another three weeks until he felt normal again.

"To be honest with you, when I first went home, it was still pretty severe," Kolb said, according to The Arizona Republic. "It kind of worried me because I figured once I got away from the game, it would clear up pretty fast. But it didn't, and I stayed in contact with our guys here. Within three or four days after that three-week period, it was fine. I was glad to be feeling back to normal."

This has to be a major concern for the Cardinals. Kolb has suffered a concussion in back-to-back seasons and clearly didn't recover quickly from this one. If it took him seven weeks to recover from this concussion, then how long will it take next time?

Kolb told reporters he would have appreciated the Cardinals being more up front about their pursuit of Manning.

"I just said, 'In the future, you can just communicate with me. I can take it, if this is the route you're going,' " Kolb said.

Left unsaid: The Cardinals were looking to upgrade at the position partly because they're worried Kolb can't survive a 16-game season.