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Does Santonio Holmes regret last year? 'Why should I?'


Santonio Holmes called the Jets' dysfunctional 2011 season "a blur for all of us" during a conference call on Monday.

Perhaps this makes sense. If you were Holmes, you'd probably hope people have a hard time remembering it, too.

Blur or not, some things remain clearly in focus. Like the sight of Holmes bickering with teammates in the huddle during the season finale against the Dolphins. The image of the Jets' most dynamic offensive player, brooding and benched, came to symbolize everything that went wrong for the team.

On Monday, Holmes wasn't interested in rehashing the not-so-distant past.

"It happened down in Miami," he said (via the New York Daily News). "And that's where it's going to stay. Down in Miami."

If only it were that easy. Holmes' meltdown has become a major subplot of the Jets' new season. The wideout's relationship with Mark Sanchez is reportedly improving, and the pair were joined by other Jets for workouts last week in Florida. This is a positive development.

Unfortunately for the Jets, Holmes doesn't sound like a player who believed he acted inappropriately. Asked if he regrets how he handled the end of last year, he answered, "Why should I?"

(Cut to Mike Tannenbaum banging his head against his desk repeatedly.)

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Holmes was a surprising pick of Rex Ryan to be a captain last season, a decision that blew up in the coach's face. Not coincidentally, Ryan said in January (and reaffirmed Monday) that the Jets have now discontinued the practice of naming captains.

"Regardless of him not having a 'C' on our chest," Holmes said. "We're still going to be the vocal leaders of this team."

Holmes deserves a fresh start, just as Ryan, Sanchez and the rest of the Jets do. But the mercurial wideout said nothing on Monday to suggest he'll be the good soldier the franchise desperately needs him to be.


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