Gridiron Breakdown: Fenway Park vs. Lambeau Field

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Fenway Park and Lambeau Field are two of the most beloved stadiums in sports.


Venerable Fenway Park will celebrate its 100th anniversary over the weekend with a series against the Tampa Bay (don't call them Devil) Rays. The ballpark is one of the last of its kind still in operation (along with Wrigley Field in Chicago), and a visit to this hallowed ground is certainly on many sports fans' "bucket list."

The only proper NFL equivalent would be Lambeau Field. So our #talkaboutit topic on Twitter this week was this: If you could travel to one of these famed ballparks, which would it be?

But before you answer, here's the Gridiron Breakdown between Fenway Park and Lambeau Field.

Category Fenway Park Lambeau Field Give it to ...
Home to: Boston Red Sox Green Back Packers Lambeau Field
Street address: 4 Yawkey Way 1265 Lombardi Avenue Lambeau Field. There are reasons, but I can't bring up in polite conversation.
Opened: 1912 1957 Fenway Park. Doesn't Lambeau Field seem older? Like you would think Don Hutson played there or something.
City: Boston Green Bay Lambeau Field
City nickname: Beantown Titletown Lambeau Field
Are there Boston fans there? Yes No! Lambeau Field
Capacity: 37,493 79,728 Push. Both are perfect for their respective sports.
Grass field? Yes Damn right Push
Identifying feature: The Green Monster
The frozen tundra
Fenway Park. Did you know the "frozen tundra" is heated? Boo!
But does the identifying feature have a lame mascot? Yes No Lambeau Field
Other quirks: The Triangle, Pesky's Pole, The Lone Red Seat. Concrete from old player's tunnel moved to the new tunnel during renovation. Fenway Park. Baseball stadiums have all of the quirks. I mean, you can't have a mound on the 20-yard line or something. Plus, the Lone Red Seat is one of the coolest quirks of any ballpark.
Bring back: Duffy's Cliff The frozen tundra Fenway Park. Seriously, you're heating the frozen tundra.
Also hosted: The Boston Patriots and Boston Redskins Snowmobile races Lambeau Field. Yes, it would be cool to see a football game there, but snowmobile racing has snowmobile racing.
How about outdoor hockey? Yes Yes Push
Ill-fated coup: New Fenway Park in 1999. Seriously, check this out. No! Lambeau Field
Singing "Sweet Caroline" in the 7th inning

The Lambeau Leap
Lambeau Field. For one, until Carl Crawford can leap the Green Monster (or hit about his weight) this is easy to call. And for the record, Bang on the Drum > Sweet Caroline.
Hall of Famers who graced the field: Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski and Carlton Fisk Bart Starr, Paul Hornung and Reggie White Push
Messy divorce: Babe Ruth Brett Favre Lambeau Field. The curse of Brett Favre lasted a season. It took the Red Sox 86 years to recover from selling the Babe.
Iconic moment: Fisk's HR in the 1975 World Series, the "Steal" the Ice Bowl Fenway Park
New Yorker who broke their heart:
Bucky Dent

Eli Manning (twice)
Lambeau Field. At least Eli Manning wasn't cheating, or at least didn't admit it.
Best pregame: Baseball Tavern Tailgating Lambeau Field. Fenway has a really good setup, no doubt. But there's nothing like grilling brats on some townie's front lawn to really get you in the mood for a football game.
Was it used for the movie "Fever Pitch?" Yes No Lambeau Field
But did it have an epic shootout from the movie "The Town?" Yes No Fenway Park
Head gear:
Pink hats

Lambeau Field. Time to throw in the pink towel.


Lambeau Field wins this one in a runaway, 14-6. And really, that's being generous to the Boston fans. So happy anniversary to Fenway Park, but you're no Lambeau Field.

And the fans also cast their votes, which you can see right here.

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