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Suddenly, this draft is all about Ryan Tannehill


We see it happen every year. Once we know the No. 1 overall pick, the entire focus of the draft turns to No. 2.  Or the second-ranked quarterback.

This is the rare year where the drama has already been removed from the top two picks. So it only makes sense that suddenly this draft is all about Ryan Tannehill, the third quarterback in this draft.

Peter King of noted Friday that Ryan Tannehill had a private workout with the Chiefs, then visited Kansas City. Tannehill will spend Sunday and Monday in Cleveland. And then he's going to Buffalo.

We've reached the point where no one even expects Tannehill be available when the Bills select at No. 10. Bills reporters are trying to decide if Buffalo's interest is all a smokescreen. (We doubt it.) The Chiefs would likely have to trade up past Miami at No. 8 just for a chance to get him. Miami may have to trade up just to get Tannehill. 

As Charley Casserly would say, this all seems like a case of market inflation.  

That doesn't mean Tannehill will turn out to be a bust. A lot of draftniks we trust love Tannehill's gametape. We like him better than Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder from a year ago. Mike Mayock says Tannehill has all the tools to be a franchise quarterback. Russ Lande of Sporting News says teams view Tannehill as a more consistent Jay Cutler

Cutler also got drafted much earlier than people thought. He was the third banana in 2006 behind Matt Leinart and Vince Young. Now those guys are unemployed.

Sometimes those late rising quarterbacks pan out.


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