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Guessing which teams have interest in Vince Young


We noted on Thursday that Vince Young still sees himself as a starter and wants to play for his hometown Houston Texans.

There isn't much of a chance of Young starting or signing with Houston, but V.Y. apparently does have a few promising job leads.

“I can’t give you the teams now. Call (my agent) Tom Condon and he’ll tell you which teams are interested, but I have a couple of teams that have some good interest in me,” Young told the Tennessean on Thursday at a charity event.

Young won't sign until after the draft.  If the teams were that interested in Young, they would have signed him by now. He's a backup plan to the draft at this stage. Here's our best guess at some teams that could show interest:

1. Oakland: The Raiders need a backup for Carson Palmer.

2. Kansas City: Young would upgrade the backup spot if they don't draft someone.

3. Buffalo: Chan Gailey likes mobile quarterbacks.

4. Tampa Bay: Young could compete with Dan Orlovsky behind Josh Freeman.

5. Arizona: Young would fit right in with the Cardinals' "Throw it against the wall and see what sticks" plan at quarterback.


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