Tim Tebow's brothers called him 'Timmy the tumor'

For all the attention that Tim Tebow receives, the guy is somewhat lacking in the nickname department.

"Tebowmania" doesn't really count. Neither does "Tebow Time." Those are phenomena, not nicknames. 

Apparently Tebow did have a nickname when he was growing up. Tebow's mother Pam re-told the story on "Good Morning America" Friday that she was told to abort "Timmy" because of a difficult pregnancy.

"The doctors said I could lose my life if I didn't. We didn't have good medical care because we were living in an area, the Philippines, it was a very long time ago, 24 years ago. It was a time when I had to trust the lord. It was a very difficult nine months," she said.

At this point, Tim interjected.

"Just to show you how supportive all my brothers and sisters were, so at the beginning of her pregnancy with me, they thought I was a tumor. So when I was born and old enough to remember, they always called me Timmy the tumor," Tebow said.

Somehow, we don't see this nickname catching on.