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How Jabar Gaffney set Twitter on fire


There was a brief, wonderful moment Thursday afternoon when Jabar Gaffney was the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter worldwide. His former teammate, Lito Sheppard, wasn't far behind. It's a safe bet this is the first time that's happened for both men.

So how exactly did this happen?

Gaffney went on an epic Twitter rant that included his wedding anniversary, Sheppard and a lot of other things I can't reprint here because this is a family website. OK, let's at least mention his final tweet:

"I'm done tweetin all u smart asses i be in da 904, 407 & 703 tell me what u think if and when u c me," Gaffney wrote.

Redskins wide receiver Brandon Banks put it well: "Twitter has been really entertaining today!!!!!!"

We agree. It also has been educational. We learned:

1. Gaffney and Sheppard were teammates in high school, college and briefly in the pros. They're also cousins, but they probably won't be sharing the holidays together.

2. You don't need to be a Pro Bowler to briefly be the most famous football player in the world.

UPDATE: In a predictable move, Gaffney later claimed his Twitter account had been hacked and would be deleted, "so now if u c my name it's fake."