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Felix Jones trade rumors untrue, Cowboys executive says

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The Dallas Cowboys want to make it absolutely clear: There is no truth to the rumors they have been talking about trading running back Felix Jones.

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"No discussions -- or speculation -- on the possibility of a trade involving Felix Jones have ever taken place among individuals in this organization who would have the authority to explore such a scenario," Stephen Jones, the Cowboys' executive vice president, told ESPNDallas.com on Thursday. "Any reports of apparent internal discussions along those lines would involve people who have no input or relevance in the process."

Speculation about the Cowboys discussing a trade involving the running back surfaced Tuesday.

Felix Jones is entering the final year of his contract after being one of the Cowboys' two first-round picks in the 2008 NFL Draft.

Last season, Jones ran for 575 yards and one touchdown on 127 carries and had three back-to-back 100-yard games.

After suffering a shoulder injury in Week 6, Jones lost his starting job to DeMarco Murray, who burst on the scene with 897 yards in just seven starts. When Murray fractured his right ankle in Week 14, Jones was reinserted into the starting lineup.



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