Draft guru: Browns 'targeting' QB Weeden


Over and over, the Cleveland Browns have voiced support for Colt McCoy this offseason, but the team is simultaneously viewed by many as a possible landing spot for Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill or Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden, two of the top quarterback prospects in this month's draft.

Pro Football Weekly analyst Nolan Nawrocki doesn't believe the Browns are sold on McCoy. Come draft day, Nawrocki sees Cleveland striking out to bring in some serious competition.

"I do think Weeden is a guy they are targeting, and whether they select him with the 22nd or the 37th pick, I think he would definitely bring more size to that position," Nawrocki told the Akron Beacon Journal. "He ran a similar style offense at Oklahoma State. I think he's flown under the radar a little bit.

"Whether he goes in the back of the first round or the early second, I think there's a good chance he'll be a top-40 pick and he can definitely bring more of a downfield threat than Colt McCoy currently brings. I think that's what they'd like to do with that offense."

Weeden's age (he's 28 and already four years older than McCoy) remains the primary knock on a passer with the ability to spread the ball all over on the field. He played with a fair amount of grit and toughness in college and thrived when paired with receiver Justin Blackmon.

The Browns face a decision with their NFL-leading 13 draft picks: (1) Move forward with McCoy and -- at last -- surround him with some weapons; or (2) go in another direction at quarterback (again).

One warning to those hoping McCoy is shoved aside: The current Browns roster isn't going to make Weeden or Tannehill -- or anyone else -- look much better than the last dozen passers wheeled through the organization until legitimate pro talent is brought in to support the most important position in sports.