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Bobby Petrino won't find safe harbor in NFL


And now two life lessons we all can glean from Bobby Petrino:

1) Drive carefully on a motorcycle, especially when a woman who isn't your wife is along for the ride.

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2) Don't burn bridges with your former employers. You never know what the future holds.

Let's focus on the second part now that Petrino has been fired by Arkansas. If Petrino had any hope of finding a transitional landing place with an NFL team -- similar to what former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel did with the Indianapolis Colts last year -- he can forget it.

Petrino bolted for Arkansas just 13 games into the Atlanta Falcons' 2007 season, leaving an ocean of bad blood in his wake. Just how poorly is Petrino viewed by people tied to his brief NFL run, which resulted in a 3-10 record? The floor is yours, Lawyer Milloy!

"That's karma," Milloy said last week as the murky details of Petrino's plight emerged. "Just because he knows Xs and Os, that doesn't mean he's a nice person."

Ouch. Petrino ran a successful program at Arkansas, meaning he'll likely land on his feet somewhere. Just don't expect it to be with one of the 32 teams in the NFL.


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