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Woody Johnson defends Jets' trade for Tim Tebow


Was Tim Tebow acquired to make the New York Jets a better team ... or a better business?

It depends on who you ask. Cynics say the trade was a thinly veiled cash-and-publicity grab for a franchise looking to move merchandise and personal seat licenses at MetLife Stadium. Team owner Woody Johnson maintains the trade had nothing to do with making the Jets a more profitable venture.

"Not really," Johnson said Tuesday on FOX Business Network (via the New York Daily News). "Jerseys aren't really our main line of business. Our main line of business is winning games. I expect if we do well, we will continue to sell. We're pretty well sold out on PSLs despite what you read about."

Johnson compared Tebow's personality to that of New Jersey governor Chris Christie (this was Fox News after all) and praised the quarterback for being "true to his beliefs."

"He's not afraid to tell you what he believes in," Johnson said, conjuring up memories of Tebow's chat in front of 15,000 fellow Christians on Easter Sunday. "I think he will be a very positive influence in the locker room and I think he will help us win a lot of games."

Johnson is aware the trade is a high-risk, high-reward proposition.

"If it's a good decision," Johnson said, "if he turns out to be a great player, I will take full accountability for that."

And if not?