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Saban received NFL interest after latest Alabama title


You know what they say: Tragedy + time = comedy second chances for failed NFL coaches.

Most believed Pete Carroll would never leave USC after flameouts with the New England Patriots and New York Jets. But he resurfaced in the NFL in 2010, taking the Seattle Seahawks job.

Nick Saban had his own flameout in the form of a failed two-year run with the Miami Dolphins in 2005 and 2006. He bolted for a job with Alabama and has enjoyed a hugely successful college run that includes two of the past three BCS national championships.

Saban received overtures from "a couple" NFL teams after the Crimson Tide won their latest title in January, ESPN reported Thursday. But Saban said he's fine where he is.

"I had my chances, and I've had chances since," said Saban, who went 15-17 in two seasons with Miami. "I think you have to know yourself well enough to know that if I'm happy doing what I'm doing now, why do I need something else? Before as a coach, even when I was at LSU, I went all those years, and it was always work hard to get the next opportunity."

Saban offered an interesting take on why he prefers the college game.

"I loved coaching the NFL players," Saban said. "Everybody thinks it's the NFL players who are hard to get along with. I loved the NFL players, and it was never a problem. It's just the rules of parity in that league make it difficult to create any advantage for yourself. I always thought my advantage was I was willing to outwork everybody to get better. That was a hard thing. I missed college players, and I missed helping guys develop personally, academically and athletically."

Of course, if Drew Brees' physical wasn't flagged in 2006, Saban might have a statue outside Gate D of Sun Life Stadium by now. It's recommended Dolphins fans don't venture too far down that depressing wormhole.


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