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How do UK's Wildcats stack up vs. N.Y.'s Giants?


Congratulations to the Kentucky Wildcats, who joined the New York Giants and the Alabama Crimson Tide in winning major sports championships during the 2012 calendar year. But whose championship was more impressive -- the Giants' or the Wildcats'? Let's take the teams to the grid.

Team Kentucky basketball N.Y. Giants football Give it to ...
Record (including playoffs): 38-2 13-7 Kentucky
Nickname origins: University Commandant Philip W. Corbusier said the team played like a bunch of "Wildcats" back in 1909, and the name stuck. Copied the name from the popular baseball Giants, and legally is still known as the New York Football Giants. Kentucky

Kentucky. The Giants are one of six NFL teams who don't have cheerleaders, because they hate America.
Championship game score: 67-59 21-17 Push. I mean, they both won.
Did the team look bored while winning the title? Yes No Giants. The Giants won a compelling -- well, close -- Super Bowl. Kentucky seemed to stop paying attention in the second half.
Did you feel bad for the team it beat? Yes No Giants. It's rare when the general rooting public pulls for a New York sports team. Thanks to the Patriots for that.
Was its title a fluke? No No Kentucky. The Wildcats were the No. 1 overall seed. The Giants tried to play the "No one believe in us" card, but once Cowboys WR Miles Austin 'lost the ball in the lights' and the Giants beat the Cowboys, it was pretty clear they were a team of destiny. And remember, at least one analyst knew the Giants would beat the Packers. Kentucky wins this category for not playing the "woe is us" drama.
Number of titles: 8 8 Push. The Giants won four NFL titles before the Super Bowl era.
Greatest player in team history?
Dan Issel

Lawrence Taylor
Giants. Portland Trailblazers fans would have rioted had I picked Sam Bowie.
Greatest team ever The Untouchables (1996 team) Super Bowl XXI champions Push
MOP/MVP: Anthony Davis Eli Manning Giants. Manning has done it twice.
Is he elite? Yes Yes Giants. Again, Eli went from league punching bag (and that was just from my knocks) to two-time Super Bowl MVP winner.
Unsung hero: Doron Lamb Justin Tuck Push
Coach: John Calipari Tom Coughlin Push
Did you actually want the coach to win? No Yes Giants
Will he be coaching in New York next year? Yes Yes But don't worry, Kentucky fans, you won a title with Tubby Smith, so the coach might not matter (although, if you remember the Billy Gillispie experience, you know it matters a little bit).
Estimated cost for season tickets: $800/seat You don't want to know. Kentucky. Your $800 for season tickets wouldn't even cover a PSL for MetLife Stadium.
Celebrity fans:
Ashley Judd

Alyssa Milano
Best TV show or movie by celebrity fan: "Heat" "Charmed" Giants. Yes, I'm giving this to the Giants because you and I know what Milano's best movie was, but I've been discouraged from listing it here.
Best cop show: "Justified" "Blue Bloods," "Law and Order," "CSI: New York" and "NYC 22." Kentucky. All of those shows combined can't touch "Justified," which is probably the best show on television right now.
How did the fans celebrate? Shooting, looting and rioting. Acting like they've been there before. Giants
Do the fans hate Duke? Yes Probably Push
Do their fans wear jorts? Yes No Giants. But Knicks guard Josh Harrellson earned the nickname 'Jorts' during a recruiting visit to Kentucky before he signed with the Wildcats.
Honorary mascot:
Anthony Davis' unibrow.

Michael Strahan's smile.
Push, because I don't want to have to explain my answer.
Repeat next year? No No Push. The Wildcats will lose a number of players to the draft, including future lottery pick Davis. And with Coach Cal likely moving on to the NBA, it's going to be tough next season. The Giants have the better chance, but the NFC East will be more competitive and the Packers might have some motivation.


And the winner? The Giants win in a blowout 9-6.

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