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Fans await look of new Seahawks uniform at Nike/NFL unveiling

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Walter Thurmond knows something about playing in nontraditional football uniforms. He played at the University of Oregon, which teamed up with Nike in 1998 to usher in an era of garish uniform experimentation.

So maybe it's no surprise that Thurmond, now a Seattle Seahawks cornerback, had nothing but compliments after recently trying on the team's new Nike-designed jerseys.

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Thurmond called the uniforms "new age," adding, "It’s transitioning from where we are as an organization and where the league is going," according to the Seahawks' official website.

Nike, which is taking over the NFL's uniform responsibilities from Reebok, will display its versions of all 32 teams' uniforms at a gala unveiling Tuesday in New York.

The Seahawks are the only team whose uniforms are expected to show a significant change, but just how different they will be remains a mystery to the public.

"They change the uniforms (at Oregon) every two years, so I got my opportunity to wear a couple different ones," Thurmond said. "... I think (Seahawks chairman) Paul Allen wanted an upgrade as far as the jerseys are concerned. I think the Nike team did a great job."

Pro Bowl strong safety Kam Chancellor will model Seattle's new duds on Tuesday.



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