Saints' Vitt says he's prepared to earn Goodell's respect

In his appeal letter obtained Monday, New Orleans Saints assistant coach Joe Vitt writes that he respects NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's decision to suspend him for the first six games of the 2012 season despite his filing of an appeal in the "bounty" case.

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"By exercising this right to appeal, I do not want to convey to you that I do not respect your decision," Vitt wrote to Goodell. "I understand my obligations to the men I coach, the New Orleans Saints, to you and to the National Football League. I am proud of my association with and my career in the NFL, but I am not proud of my involvement in these events or how I conducted myself in the early stages of the investigation. Nonetheless, I am hopeful that the appeal will give me the opportunity to bring certain matters to your attention.

"I have worked hard to earn the respect of the men I have coached and the organizations that I have worked for over the years. I am prepared to earn your respect as well."

The NFL expects to hear Vitt's appeal, as well as appeals from Saints coach Sean Payton, general manager Mickey Loomis and the team, at some point this week, league spokesman Greg Aiello said Sunday.

All appeals are expected to be expedited.

Goodell also said while appearing on CNBC on Monday, via The New York Times, that he expects to have a decision on the appeals of those already punished likely by the end of the week.

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