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Broncos reportedly shopped Tebow at NFL combine


Here's a piece of news about Tim Tebow not involving billboards, bronze statues or house-hunting within 20 feet of the Sanchez residence.

(Count yourself lucky.)

Long before the Broncos had a bead on Peyton Manning, they were already thinking about shipping Tebow out of Denver. As early as February's NFL Scouting Combine, the team began "quietly shopping" the quarterback, The Florida Times-Union reported this week.

John Elway's words at the combine are worth revisiting. The Broncos' executive vice president of football operations offered high praise for Tebow one month ago.

"Hopefully, he can be the franchise guy for a long time, but those are things we don't know at the time," Elway told NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora. "... He made tremendous strides last year, and that's without an offseason. He's our starter going into camp, and we have great expectations for him."

Nobody in February knew Manning would become available, even if it seemed destined to happen. Elway wasn't about to stake his legacy to Tebow and he solved the problem with a Peyton-sized solution. It's about the only way shipping Tebow out of town would have passed without large-scale riots in the streets. 

The upshot: While Elway sleeps soundly in his bed tonight, Tebow scans Broadway ticket prices from some hotel room in Midtown. And the beat goes on.


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