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Plummer on Tebow the 'humanitarian,' RG3 in D.C.


Jake Plummer once was a famous NFL quarterback with a cool nickname. Now he's mostly known for playing devil's advocate to heavenly Tebowmania.

In a Thursday interview with KTAR-AM in Phoenix, Plummer explained why the win-now Denver Broncos were right to sign Peyton Manning and ship Tim Tebow to the New York Jets.

"It was tough for them to get rid of Tim Tebow," said Plummer, who played in Denver from 2003 to 2006. "He had won that whole town over, and a lot more people across the globe love Tim Tebow. You don't win a Super Bowl with a humanitarian behind center, and right now, that's what Tim Tebow is."

(Possibly related subplot: The serpent -- or snake -- is a symbol of evil power and chaos in the Bible. MOVING ON.)

Plummer also shared his thoughts on his former coach, Mike Shanahan, whose Redskins likely will select Robert Griffin III with the second overall pick in next month's draft. Though his sentiments weren't as strong as Donovan McNabb's, Plummer isn't certain Shanahan and RG3 are a good fit.

"It's hard to say. ... He (Shanahan) has a system, and he wants you to fit that system, and if you don't, it's kind of hard for him to build it around you," Plummer said. "And I think RG3 is going to come in, he's a totally different animal of quarterback. I think he can do basically anything you want him to. But I hate to think that they're going to try to take away his gift, which you can't script, you can't draw up, he's going to do something that no one's ever see three, four times a game.

"I just hope there's a good mesh there and they'll let the kid grow," Plummer said. "He's going to learn a lot. Shanahan is going to demand that the kid knows the game in and out, and that will be good for RG3."


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