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Mayock: QB-hungry teams 'have to' consider Tannehill


Is Cleveland closing in on Ryan Tannehill?

The Browns, led by offensive coordinator Brad Childress, brought a caravan of coaches and scouts to Tannehill's Texas A&M pro day on Thursday. NFL Network's Mike Mayock was on hand and believes Cleveland must pull the trigger on draft day.

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"I believe if you've got a franchise quarterback available and you can upgrade your position, you have to do it," Mayock told NFL Network. "This kid ripped the football, he ran 4.63, his foot is fine. Is he ready to play Day 1? Absolutely not. So what do I see with Ryan Tannehill? I think Cleveland has to take him at four. They upgrade the position both athletically and with arm strength."

One Browns coach not on hand was Pat Shurmur, stationed hundreds of miles away to observe running back Trent Richardson at Alabama's pro day.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin and general manager Jeff Ireland joined the Browns and 21 teams to watch Tannehill perform. Mayock believes Tannehill will not escape the top 10.

"If he doesn't go at four," Mayock said, "Miami has to take him at eight, and don't be surprised if somebody trades up to three, where Minnesota is, or seven, where Jacksonville is, to get a chance at this kid."

ATL's take: We're not buying Tannehill to the Browns. Not yet. Shurmur and Co. have gone out of their way to label Colt McCoy the starter heading into next season. March means smokescreens, but Cleveland is desperate for playmakers. Our guess is Trent Richardson (despite what he did to Browns running backs coach Gary Brown) and a receiver at No. 22. Give McCoy something to work with.

Miami and Tannehill at No. 8? That sounds like a plan.

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